SAN DIEGO, October 24, 2019 – At its recent board meeting held in Boston, MA during the 2019 AREAA National Convention; Tim Hur and Bryan Ahn were elected to serve in AREAA’s top leadership positions in 2022. Hur, a Realtor™ based in Atlanta, GA, has served as the organization’s secretary, treasurer, committee head and chapter president in previous years. Hur is no stranger to leadership positions in organized real estate, including serving as the Chair of the Diversity Committee at the National Association of Realtors™ and a Director for the Georgia Association of Realtors™. Hur, slated to be AREAA’s president in 2022 says that he is excited to fulfill his campaign promise to work on AREAA’s core mission of narrowing the gap of AAPI homeownership and to find solutions to the affordability rates that face the community. Furthermore, Hur looks forward to working with AREAA’s industry partners, non-profits, and of course, AREAA’s strong 17,000+ membership to build a better AREAA and make AREAA a household name.

Bryan Ahn previously served as the Chapter Development Chair of AREAA, gets the nod from the board as the 2022 Treasurer for AREAA. Ahn started his volunteer leadership with AREAA when he lived in Hawaii and was part of the Aloha Chapter. Since then, Ahn has been active with the chapter and national boards. His previous leadership experience includes working alongside JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and United Airlines. Bryan shares his vision for 2022 is to elevate AREAA as an organization by promoting financial sustainability, transparency, and alternative funding to help remain stable during future market changes. And, to provide support to the committees across the national landscape while empowering the development of future leaders.

Hur will succeed Amy Kong who will serve as President in 2021 while Ahn will succeed Dick Lee as Treasurer that same year. James Huang now sits as President of AREAA going into 2020, which grew from 38 to 42 chapters in the previous year. Huang shared his vision for his presidency by stating, “it’s always about the people, the people you surround yourself with, and finding a purpose bigger than yourself. This is the American Dream; homeownership and entrepreneurship. It’s about starting and running a business so you can give back and help society and the world we live in. With my wife’s support, I can move mountains. With all of your support, we can move anything.”