How To Implement Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

The Value of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

The real estate industry is evolving. New markets are emerging across the country with complex, unique buyer personas that do not fit the mold of the traditional buyer. Today, buyers are online and have access to countless resources and tools when entering into the home-buying process. The modern home buyer spends hours reading listing after listing to find their dream home. In response, realtors and brokers are pouring out self-promoting content across their websites, emails, and social media feeds. But there is an inherent problem present: how do you reach interested buyers who don’t already follow you?

The answer is to understand the value of SEO and digital marketing so that your digital reach expands and provides organic traffic to your profile, website, and brand. Here are some valuable tips to help your real estate business grow in 2019:

Gain Visibility & Establish Your Real Estate Brand

Ask yourself: what is the fundamental value I provide to buyers and sellers that no other realtor can in my area? Am I able to communicate that value on my social media and website?

Facebook and Instagram are going to be primary platforms for any realtor or broker. However, websites like Zillow and Trulia are the first places many interested buyers and sellers will go to review local housing markets. In addition, these sites are often the first point of contact many prospective clients may have with you. Here is a great resource to create your free agent profile in 7 easy steps. Ensuring visibility on these platforms should be a focal point. Review your presence not only on these sites, but also on Google Reviews and Yelp to see what kind of first impression you provide.

Once you have been able to create a brand, you are free to build a solid marketing strategy.


Get Social: Organic & Paid Social Media for Realtors

If your social media profiles consist of listing after listing, you are exhausting your followers. Social media strategies that serve as advertising platforms are not what Facebook and Instagram were created for. To measure success on your social media profiles, you need to establish a game plan to involves:

  • Sharing your brand
  • Highlighting your success
  • Entice viewers to take an action

For organic social media strategies, focus on the story. Avoid sharing pictures of your listings. Instead, share stories taken throughout your previous home-buying process and highlight testimonies. Stories are effective because they allow for your next client to relate to you in personal ways. There is no better way to stand out in the sea of realtors than to have a personal connection with buyers and sellers.

Paid social media strategy will most likely seem daunting and foreign to many agents. However, with vast amounts of free resources online – you have the tools to start marketing yourself on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Business has created Facebook Blueprint: a comprehensive learning system that will make you into a digital marketing pro. If you or someone on your team has the time and energy to understand Facebook Ads Manager, don’t be surprised to see unprecedented growth in 2019. However, running full scale Facebook Ad campaigns takes time and needs to be done properly to ensure healthy ROI. To start out, consider Facebook Post Boosting.

Investing money into boosted posts will allow your content on social media to get distributed to audiences who otherwise would never hear from you. Hootsuite has created an excellent guide on how to get started. If you didn’t know, Facebook owns Instagram. So, in order to start promoting your content on Instagram, you will need to get set up with a Facebook Business Page and profile. Instagram is also easy to get started with, and you can also promote your Facebook posts directly onto Instagram. Our friends at Instagram were so kind to provide us with this great guide to getting started on Instagram advertising.


Create Valuable Content for Home Buyers & Sellers

Chances are you most likely have your own website. But the question is, what are you doing with it? Creating valuable content across your social media profiles and website are foundational aspects of digital marketing strategies. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the client. Think through and brainstorm what the biggest challenges, questions, and pain points are. After you have nailed down the biggest pain points that your buyers and sellers typically want more information on, you are ready to create content. Whether it’s blog content or video, creating content that provides value to your audiences will help drive greater traffic to your website but also establish brand awareness and credibility. Ask yourself, how great does it look that you have already created a blog post or video that answers the most common questions on what to look for in a house?

When creating written content, you will need to understand the value of SEO. Neil Patel Digital has created a great guide on writing with SEO in mind. As you continue to learn more about SEO, you will discover the value of keywords across the web. For local market visibility, focusing on keywords that highlight your neighborhoods and cities will be great starting points.

Another strong marketing tool is to create virtual stagings. Hubspot has written a great article with 11 of the best virtual staging services and software for real estate agents. Creating virtual stagings will decrease the barrier to entry of an interested buyer needing to reach out and make a point of contact with you.

“In a 2018 survey of more than 4,000 homes, 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than those of their unstaged neighbors’. Whether you’re starting a real estate business or have been selling homes for a while, there’s clear and increasing benefit to professionally staging your clients’ homes.” – Hubspot

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Let’s review some of the key steps one more time:

  • Create a strong, user friendly website
  • Establish and maintain a vibrant social media strategy that reflects your brand & stories
  • Invest in paid social media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Create valuable content with SEO in mind

Digital marketing is the means in which you can take your real estate or brokerage firm to the next level of success. Although it may seem overwhelming, remember that the internet has enough resources and tutorials online to make you into a seasoned digital marketing expert. Take the time to learn more about advertising strategies on Facebook and Instagram. Learn why your sales can only increase if you gain greater visibility and reach to new audiences. But most importantly, focus on how you can make a strong first impression and demonstrate value to your prospective buyers and sellers.


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