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AREAA is proud to partner with the 2020 Census! Every 10 years, the Census records everyone living in the United States. The data used from the 2020 Census will impact funding for your community, representation in government, and even provide valuable insights to help the government and non-profits like AREAA understand how to best serve the AAPI community.

In 2020, AREAA’s goal is to help produce the highest AAPI turnout in Census history. Historically, many AAPI families have not been counted in the US Census, causing so many AAPIs to be overlooked and not have their voices heard. AREAA’s goal is to ensure an accurate Census count of the AAPI community so that we may better advocate for AAPIs in homeownership. In order to do this, we are partnering with the 2020 Census to provide information to help you understand the Census, apply for jobs with the Census, and more!

I want to learn more about the 2020 Census

Our Founding Fathers inaugurated the first Census in 1790 and mandated that a Census be taken every 10 years to take count of every living person in the United States. The results from the 2020 Census will dictate how many seats in Congress your state gets, how government money is allocated in your community for roads, schools, hospitals, and more. And, the 2020 Census will also provide valuable information for our nation’s leaders, researchers, businesses, and non-profit organizations to gain better insight and understand of the people who make up our country. 

For the first time ever, you can take the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail.

The 2020 Census begins in April 2020. All of your answers and personal information will be kept strictly confidential and is not able to be shared with any law enforcement agency. Your answers are kept safe!

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I would like a job with the
2020 Census

You’re in luck! The 2020 Census is offering thousands of jobs with competitive pay. The 2020 Census will not be possible without the Census workers. With so many jobs available, you can find a rewarding position in your community that impacts the next decade.

Are there Census resources in my language?

Yes! The 2020 Census has created translated resources in several AAPI languages to support those with limited English proficiency. The 2020 Census has created resources ranging from translated language guides, a glossary of terms, scripts, true and false fact sheets, and more!

How do I take the
2020 Census?

Expect an invitation in the mail by March 2020 to complete a simple questionnaire. After receiving your Census invitation, you can respond in three ways:

  1. Do it online
  2. Call by phone
  3. Send it in by mail

If you do not respond, a Census worker in your community will visit you to help you complete the 2020 Census.

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Will my answers on the 2020 Census be safe and confidential?

Absolutely. The Census takes a count of every living person in every household in the United States. Regardless of your age, gender, citizen status, or any other factor – your answers matter and will impact your community in critical ways.

Your personal information cannot be shared and will be held confidential. It is illegal for your personal information to be shared with any institution, including; the IRS, law enforcement, or any business.

Can I view previous Census results?

Yes! Results from the 2010 Census are available on the Census website. You can view data from the 2010 Census and the annual American Community Survey, click on the button below to view the U.S. Census Bureau’s QuickFacts page