The process of setting up event tickets is very similar to the old system. The major difference is that you no longer have to set up separate tickets for member and non-member price. Instead, you set up one ticket, and create a discount that will automatically get applied to a member upon checkout. The instructions are below. 


Navigate to the Tickets sections and click on +New Ticket


Type or name of the ticket should match the name of the event. It’s not mandatory, but it will make it easy to identify during the discount portion of the setup.

Set the price for the ticket. Note that this should be the full price for the event, not the discounted member price.

Set capacity. This control the number of tickets that are available to purchase. If not sure of the amount or don’t want to set one, select Unlimited capacity.

Under the advanced tab, add the following to the description, “Member ticket price is (Insert Member Ticket Price). Please log in to your AREAA account to purchase member pricing ticket. Member pricing discount will reflect at the Checkout screen.” This will be displayed on the front end, letting the member know that they must be logged into the system to receive a discounted price.


Start Sale and End Sale controls the time frame which tickets should be available. If left blank, tickets will be available from the time event is published until the event end date.

If you wish to collect additional information from attendees, select the Attendee information tab. Once you are done, select on the Save ticket blue button. 


Scroll to the top of the event and select Publish/Update. The blue button on the right-hand side.


Next, we will set up the discount code that will allow members to received discounted price. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, hover over Downloads and select Discounts Pro


Select on Add Discount


Give the discount a name, example Member Price.

Under Discount Type, you can select Fixed price or Percentage price. In my example, I am using the percentage price and giving member 50% off the ticket price.

Next select Products, type the name of the ticket you created for this specific event. This why I recommend naming the ticket the same as the event. For example, the name of my event is 2019 National Event, and my ticket name is 2019 National Event Ticket.

 On the Roles field choose Subscriber & Chapter Admin. This ensures that the discount is only applied to members.

Select Publish at the top and you are all done!