Angela Mulder is a Senior Associate on the Tri-State Investment Sales Team, where she focuses on retail properties. Growing up in China, Angela is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Angela’s bi-cultural background enables her to connect and conduct business with international investors. Prior to joining Avison Young, Angela was an associate at Longines Realty where she assisted in sourcing, analyzing and coordinating deals in various asset types. Outside of work, Angela is actively engaged in the Asian American real estate community. She is a Board of Director of Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) and an active member of Asian Real Estate Professional Angela Mulder Senior Associate 212.219.7054 Association (AREPA). Angela holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Management with a minor in Japanese and International Studies from University of Arizona. In addition to her Real Estate experience, Angela spent five years as a project manager at Macy's/Bloomindale's managing fraud detection and prevention in the credit division.