My name is Vincent Jung, proud father of 2 wonderful kids, 14-year-old Sophie and 10-year-old Eli. I am originally from Queens, NY, lived in LA for several years and have lived in the Twin Cities for 12 years now. I am currently a mortgage sales manager for U.S. Bank Home Mortgage and I have been in the mortgage business for 18 years. I have done everything from processing, closing, underwriting, originating and managing. I have helped thousands of families of color through-out my career across the U.S. to become homeowners with the help of local/national down payment assistance so they can purchase a home with very little down payment. I am passionate about educating our POC community about the benefits of homeownership. Not many people know that you can purchase a home for $1,000 with the assistance of down payment assistance, grants and zero interest loans. I would be a great candidate for VP/President b/c I am passionate about bridging the racial disparity gap of homeownership not only in MN but across the U.S. Growing up in Queens, NY with 1st generation immigrant parents from South Korea, homeownership was a topic that was never talked about and was considered unattainable. After starting in the mortgage business almost 20 years ago, I then realized how easy it was to be able to own a home with the help non-profit organizations that provide education and down payment assistance grants/loans. With our current technology and ease of obtaining information via internet, phone, laptop, etc. it’s still surprising not many know about low-payment being an option to purchase a home. As president, I will do my best to help/educate as many people/organizations to understand home ownership is not just a dream but easily accessible with the right people around you.