Miriam Crispin; multitalented Real Estate associate, born in Texas, growing up and currently residing in Tampa, Florida where she serves the central Florida area as a successful agent. Miriam grew up in a mixed cultured Peruvian-Mexican home. With the benefits of being first generation American and the cultural experiences of growing up with frequent trips abroad to visit relatives, and seeing first hand how hard it can be to live in another country. More so, seeing how difficult it can be to come and establish in America as a minority or immigrant. This is something that inspired Miriam to become a real estate agent and join an international realtors group. The values of AREAA reflect the same values and similarities that Hispanics experience in the gap of property and asset ownership and investment in America. AREAA was the first real estate organization in which Miriam joined and has been an active member of for five years now. In 2015, after attending the Global Luxury Summit in Chicago, her perspective on real estate was redefined. It was at this event that she saw the importance of a group like AREAA and the significance of networking with other real estate professionals around the country; all with the same goal; to help a vast variety of cultures and people establish themselves with homeownership in America. Premier Sotheby's International Realty Real Estate Global Advisor c. 813-716-5584 e. miriamcrispin@gmail.com