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“AREAA is dedicated to promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities in AAPI communities by creating a powerful national voice for housing and real estate professionals that serve this dynamic market.”


Founded in 2003, the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is the largest AAPI trade association in North America. With over 17,000 members in 42 chapters across the US and Canada, AREAA provides a powerful voice and platform for AAPI housing issues.

From practitioners to lenders to lawyers, AREAA represents all sectors of the real estate industry. Anyone can be a member; the only qualification is wanting to help serve the AAPI market in real estate. AREAA members come from around the world, and your own backyard. AREAA members represent over 50 ethnicities and speak over 25 languages. As the fastest growing demographic in the US and Canada, AREAA continues to grow at a rapid pace.

AREAA organizes numerous real estate conferences, international trade missions, and advocacy and community outreach efforts at both the national and local chapter levels. Our goal is to educate industry professionals, business and policy leaders, and local communities about AAPI housing issues and opportunities.




By connecting your company to AREAA, you are signaling to our members and others that you value the AAPI community and are committed to our cause of increasing AAPI homeownership and empowering those who serve the market.



More so than other demo– graphics, AAPIs value brands that have a connection to the community. Partnering with AREAA is a great way to show your commitment to the AAPI market and create a powerful connection to the community.


Your company will be featured across all of AREAA’s platforms, from our national website, social media feeds, event promotions and more, giving your company the visibility and exposure it needs to reach the AAPI market.



AREAA sponsors are recognized at AREAA events through logo placement on all marketing materials, programs, website, and more. AREAA works with sponsors to ensure as much exposure as possible across all of our available platforms and avenues of engagement with members.

*Complete partnership benefits can include, and are not limited to the above mentioned. Customized benefits can be tailored to fit each individual organization and incorporated into the executed partnership agreement.*



The AREAA Leadership Summit is held at the beginning of each year and brings together all of AREAA national and chapter leaders for administrative training, education about our various projects and initiatives, and to prepare our leaders for the year to come.



The AREAA Policy Summit takes place each May in concurrence with National Asian American and Pacific Islander Cultural Heritage Month. Hundreds of AREAA members from across the country gather in Washington, D.C., for three days of political training and to directly advocate their members of Congress about issues affecting AAPI homeownership. AREAA produces a Three-Point Policy Plan each year outlining our vision for how to increase and create sustainable homeownership for the AAPI community.



The AREAA Regional Retreats continue the important training our chapter leaders receive at the beginning of every year during the Leadership Summit. Beyond Chapter Presidents, the Regional Retreats aims to educate and inspire current and upcoming leaders. The leadership and chapter training is tailored to the region and creates a localized support system.


The AREAA Global and Luxury Summit is a high-end event held each Spring at some of the most coveted venues in the nation’s hottest luxury and international markets. The three day Summit attracts hundreds of AREAA’s best luxury and global real estate professionals to learn about best practices, legal developments (especially in regard to international real estate), and networking. Some of the bigger events during the Summit include the Keynote Luncheon, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and local host chapter’s “Night Out” networking event.


AREAA’s biggest event each year, the Fall National Convention is a both a professional and cultural celebration of AREAA, our members, and the AAPI community. The Convention attracts well over a thousand attendees each year for education, networking, and collaboration. The Convention also serves as the national board installation event, where all new national and executive board members are sworn in. Some of the bigger events during the Convention are the Keynote Luncheon, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the Installation Gala.



As the largest membership-based AAPI organization in the United States, the AREAA website generates 25,000 unique visitors each month. The website also hosts as a portal of information from research, news and our member directory.



AREAA Update is a bi-monthly e-newsletter providing timely, lively and informative articles on AAPI real estate news, policies that impact the community, research findings and association activities. A must-read for those that serve the AAPI market, AREAA Update boasts an open rate of almost 60% of its distribution to 17,000 subscribers.


Interested in getting involved in the Leadership Summit or National Policy Summit? Contact Hope Atuel at hope.atuel@areaa.org or 619.795.7873 to prepare a partnership plan that works for you.

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